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The Delonghi EC155 Is One Of The Best Low Cost Espresso Machines

After you make a decision to limit your coffee shop purchases and search for a home espresso machine, the intent is usually to duplicate the cafe quality espresso at a small part of the cost. If the frequently prohibitively expensive espresso maker you buy won't replicate that cafe espresso, you'll end up getting another piece of equipment gathering dust on the kitchen counter even while you continue to shell out cash for your coffee the way you like it at a coffee shop.

Shopping for an espresso maker can sometimes be a confusing and frustrating experience. You'll discover pumps and non-pumps and thermo-blocks and coils and steamers and wands and pods and grinders, oh my! On the other hand, the Delonghi EC155 includes every one of the required qualities required to make high quality coffee right at home in your kitchen.

Among the tricks of wonderful espresso is making certain there's a golden brown layer of delicious foam called crema at the top of the cup of espresso. Crema is the place the flavor is at. Producing the crema will take a minimum of eight bars of pressure, yet the Delonghi EC155 features 15. In addition, Delonghi has created a patented Sempre Crema filter to ensure this crucial cafe-quality layer of espresso froth will come out properly, each and every time.

DeLonghi's pump-style espresso maker provides many advantages over the cheaper, non-pump style, so give some thought to that in computing the amount of bang for the buck. This pump-style machine heats water separately for brewing and for steaming (so that you can obtain that crema together with other foamy layers for lattes). This is necessary, as the reservoir has to heat to 200 degrees for foam, and that degree of heat could scald and likely ruin your espresso. Non-pump makers don't have separate reservoir temperatures for the two processes.

Another benefit of the dual reservoir pump process is there's not a cool down period, which means you can delight in cup after cup of delicious lattes or cappuccinos, with no waiting or scorched coffee. Designed of strong plastic and stainless steel, this device features a robust stainless steel filter basket as well, called the Portafilter.

The Delonghi EC155 not only creates delicious and flavorful coffee house drinks, its versatile Portafilter enables you to make espresso using simple single use espresso pods or freshly ground espresso, whichever your personal preference might be. The controls are in addition very uncomplicated. This machine is controlled on the front by one dial having a number of settings, consequently avoiding a catastrophe due to user error. You can't accidentally program this particular appliance to accomplish two incompatible things at the same time. You can in addition work with the steaming wand to instantly make a cup of hot tea or foam up hot chocolate. Ultimately, this specific espresso maker is simple, easy to use, and features competitive alternatives in its price range, promising a quality of coffee that is hard to find in many other kinds of espresso makers.

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