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The Key To A Realistic Diet Program

One of the worst things that a person can do when they're trying to lose weight is to "go on a diet." There are certain ideas in that word which hint at why diets very rarely work. First of all, a diet isn't a way of life. It's really a drastic change in the way a person eats. Secondly, diets very often involve eating in a way that's impractical in the long run. Thirdly, the reasons for dieting frequently have more to do with self esteem rather than health.

A great diet program is more of a nutritional plan. It includes changes that make sense and can be maintained throughout a person's life safely to encourage better health. Using a program like this will often lead to small amounts of weight loss consistently.

The true secret to losing weight permanently will be to take baby steps. No long term diet program should tell a person to give up everything he likes for six weeks or to drink only a powdered supplement for three months. Though those plans are successful for individuals who have to eliminate a few pounds or tone up in just a couple of weeks for a holiday, they have little positive impact on an entire life. For the dieter to shed excess weight and maintain it, the steps have to be manageable and affordable.

For example, plenty of nutritional counselors recommend cutting down portion sizes, not denying one's self dessert every night. Another adjustment which is frequently suggested is the manner of cooking: baking instead of frying; grilling or steaming instead of broiling. While the food is still tasty, it is not greasy.

If the dieter is concerned with having sufficient food on his plate, he could change the way his plate looks. For instance, instead of a 1/2 pound of steak, he might shave off a couple of ounces and add an extra vegetable. Instead of basic starches like breads at lunch, he could opt for whole grains which need longer to digest and, with their high fiber content, have a tendency to speed up weight loss.

If a diet program is going to work, the dieter also should be able to see changes, but should select a realistic interval for weighing himself. Weighing himself every two days is discouraging. Being weighed every week, however, will demonstrate progress, even if only a few pounds disappear at a time.

Take measurements at the start then take them once again in two or three weeks. Do not rush yourself to lose: have patience. Losing weight permanently is about endurance, not speed.

The Key To A Realistic Diet Program
One of the worst things that a person can do when they're trying to lose weight is to "go on a diet." There are certain ideas in that word which hint at why diets very rarely work.

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