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The Kind Of Ovarian Cyst You Possess Will Play A Part In Figuring Out The Sorts Of Ovarian Cyst Indicators

Oftentimes the symptoms of ovarian cysts can be overlooked for months or even years and only put down to a 'heavy period problem'. But it is a good idea to familiarize yourself with the types of ovarian cysts symptoms that can be present in order to seek the best assistance and also advice from your doctor. The good news is that in numerous cases ovarian cysts can be alleviated or even entirely treated without any surgery or even the need for drug-based interventions.

By now you probably already know that one of the typical symptoms of ovarian cysts is discomfort and pain. However this is not always the case and you could well have ovarian cysts for a while without experiencing any particular symptoms. This is what is known as being asymptomatic, or simply having 'no symptoms'.

However, the type of ovarian cyst you have will play a part in determining the sorts of ovarian cyst symptoms you might experience. Here's a listing of the more common symptoms you could be experiencing when you have an ovarian cyst:

- Back ache, especially in the lower back, and possibly spreading down into the legs

- Tenderness in the breasts

- Irregularity in occurrence of your menstrual cycle

- Feeling nauseous and maybe even occasional vomiting

- You might feel discomfort during sex

- You may feel an inexplicable 'sense' of pressure in your abdominal area, or even discomfort

- Similarly you could be feeling pains or a sense of pressure in the rectal area, or perhaps in your bladder

- You could find it tougher to pass water

- You could be gaining weight without apparent reason.

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