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The Large Twin Pile Air Tanks Supply An Optimum Air Capability Of Four Gallons And A Maximum Pressure Of 125 Psi

You already understand the economics of ordering an air compressor, now you have to find the most appropriate one. If you are like me, you start out your shopping on the internet. Eventually, the very first thing you will learn about air compressors is that there are as numerous options to pick in compressors as there is when you purchase a car. Furthermore, the size and kind of air compressor you will need for one specific job will probably be completely different from the size and type you would certainly require for another job at home. I have been purchasing tools for a long time, and the key to finding the proper tool of any type is to establish a short, concise plan for its usage; and then purchase the right tool appropriately. All you require for this is a pad and pencil, and 10-15 minutes tops. Today, I am going to provide you all the information you should develop your own plan to make the wisest purchase for a compressor. You may even come to be the neighborhood compressor specialist.

Planning for a compressor

First, there are three elements to consider when choosing a compressor. The power source, the environmental impact, and CFM output required.

We will begin with environmental impact. Air compressor use throughout the house includes projects in the home and from the home. If you're searching for one all-around compressor, this eliminates the gas-powered compressors, as they can not be utilized inside the house. Another factor regarding environmental influence is weight and portability. Most jobs around the house do not require the fast recuperate and the constant good performance of a 2HP oil lubricated two stage pump, so we will certainly eliminate them. This narrows our search down to 2 types of power materials. They are:

1). 0.3 to 1.6 HP Oil-less Compressors

2). 1.0 to 2.0 HP Oil Lubricated Piston Compressors

All of these pumps run on 110 volt, the outcome varies according to their configuration. The final environmental aspect to consider is the noise level. This is a substantial part of your environmental impact. The average sound level for nearly all of these pumps is 80 db, which is equivalent to the sound of a diesel truck going 40 Miles Per Hour at 50 feet away. Therefore, this should be a crucial consideration.

Hence, we have narrowed down the power source, set criteria for environmental impact; the last product on our list is CFM outcome. I will not bore you with techno-blab. We will look at specific projects around the house, and what is required to complete the job, then you can decide based on your very own plan.

Every project for your compressor needs different tools, and each device requires a particular amount of air pushed at so many cubic feet per minute, therefore CFM. For simplicity sake, all these tools are rated with a 50 foot 3/8" hose pipe @ 90PSI. So all you need to recognize is if the pump you are considering is rated high enough for the jobs you wish to complete. CFM rating is prominently featured with all compressor information.

The residence projects we will consider are: blowing out window screens and heating system filters, changing and inflating tires, operating a roof covering gun, and driving finish nails. See below to get an idea of how much CFM is needed for these projects.

Roofing Gun or Framing Nailer - 2.2 CFM

Impact Wrench - 1/2" Changing Lug nuts - 4-5 CFM

Blowing out window Screens - 0.3 CFM

Inflating vehicle tires - 2.6 CFM

Brad Nailer (Finish Nails) - 0.3 CFM

I did not take into account orbital sanders and drills, as these tools are often made use of in restricted spaces and are not as functional with a compressor for home usage. Now, consider all the jobs you want to do, or search for all the pneumatic tools you desire to operate, which will advise you the minimum size pump you need.

My Recommendation

This suggestion is not for professionals, it is for homeowners who understand the significance of purchasing the appropriate tool for the job. Based on all the requirements above, my recommendation is for the Hitachi EC12 Air Compressor. The Hitachi EC12 has a two-horsepower oil lubricated compressor, 115-volt direct-drive electric motor. This robust motor is very easy to maintain and reasonably quiet for its size and output (78db). The large twin pile air tanks offer a maximum air capacity of 4 gallons and a maximum air pressure of 125psi. Air delivery is 4.2 CFM at 40 psi, 4.1 CFM at 90 psi, and 3.6 CFM at 100 psi. This compressor will deal with any sort of job around the house. It is also extremely reasonably billed, in my estimation giving you the most compressor for the money.


In selecting a compressor, you have to consider the supplier's quality and track record. Make your short list and then read the reviews. The typical compressor with the flexibility required for home usage is a $200 - $300 investment. If you think about the cost of hiring someone to do the process, the compressor pays for itself extremely quickly and provides years, also decades of service. Hence, giving you in return on a nominal investment.

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