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The Wonderful Munnar Lodges For Tourists

Munnar is greatly recognized to be the most beautiful spots of mountain ranges and valleys in India nowadays. Munnar has been popular as God's own land for the centuries. This sightseeing destination is placed at a height of 1800 meters above than the ocean level. Truly stating, Munnar is an ideal picnic spot for you and your loved ones.

A large number of vacationers come here in the valley of mountain ranges for the sake of recreation every year during the months of May and June. Munnar is positioned at the Idukki district of Kerala. This is a renowned tea town. This is a popular place for trekking, hiking and camping for the vacationers. Munnar is well known for its sandalwood trees in India and around the world. This is the land of lovely scenery, mountains and valleys. There are many hotels and restaurants in Munnar. One of the best Munnar hotels is called T & U Hotel. This motel is known as a three star motel. It is positioned approximately 500 meters away from the main Munnar Town.

The T & U Motel offers you a splendid view of the immaculate hills and valleys of the town. This great hotel is positioned at 130 kilo meter away from the railway station and airport terminal. The T & U Motel is popular for its multi cuisine. Per night stay here in this hotel is Rs. 3780 for the visitors. Secondly you will find out Motel Hillview in Munnar. This is recognized as a luxurious hotel in the Southern Kashmir of India. The good aspect about Hotel Hillview is that it gives you a view of Western Ghats. This motel offers you recreational amenities along with a facility of Ayurveda center. Through Ayurveda you can get a complete self satisfaction of both overall body and mind for long time. The Hotel Hillview is famous for its multi cuisine. It provides you both Northern and South Indian dishes. Per night stay here in this motel is Rs. 1900 for the visitors.

All these hotels in Munnar are well equipped restaurants. They offer lavish services to the visitors. The accommodation expenditures are really reasonable and affordable for everyone here in Munnar hotels. The individuals who haven't visited to Munnar yet, they must not forget to visit there during this summer. Munnar not only offers the visitors spectacular climate conditions but also rejoices them through trekking, hiking, boating and horse riding plans. There are picnic spots and amusement parks in Munnar for you and your family. So don't forget to visit in Munnar this season.

The Wonderful Munnar Lodges For Tourists
Munnar is greatly recognized to be the most beautiful spots of mountain ranges and valleys in India nowadays. Munnar has been popular as God's own land for the centuries.

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