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There May Additionally Be Discomfort Immediately Before The Menstrual Cycle Begins And Ends

A lot of women develop cysts on the ovaries at some time during their lifetime. In most cases, they aren't even aware they have them simply because they produce little if any discomfort and typically disappear with no medical intervention. The exception to this rule is a ruptured ovarian cyst, which will produce unpleasant symptoms, including extreme abdominal pain and internal bleeding.

A cyst is a pocket or sac located on the ovary surface that fills with fluid. A cyst could form if ovulation does not happen as it should and the egg follicle continues to develop. If the follicle wall gets weak, a hole forms and then the fluid leaks into the pelvic cavity triggering pain in the abdomen.

A number of cysts have no relationship to the normal menstrual cycle. Dermoid cysts grow from cells that produce eggs. They might be filled with skin, hair or even teeth but are usually not cancerous. Cystadenomas develop out of ovarian tissue and contain mucous or a watery liquid. Endometriomas are a result of endometriosis where uterine cells attach to the ovary and grow.

One frequent symptom is pelvic pain during sex. There may also be pain shortly before the menstrual cycle starts and ends. Women with a cyst might experience menstrual problems, vomiting, nausea or tenderness in the breasts similar to what they may feel during pregnancy.

Ruptured cysts create no serious threat to health but the identical symptoms can indicate a far more serious problem, such as appendicitis or an ectopic pregnancy. Both of these situations demand immediate medical attention. Anyone going through extreme abdominal pain should contact a doctor or visit the emergency room for evaluation.

A licensed doctor will perform an ultrasound to find out the cause of the pain. The ultrasound is going to reveal fluid surrounding the ovary and sometimes the empty sac. A ruptured ovarian cyst may occasionally burst a blood vessel and cause the sac to fill with blood. When the cyst is large and bleeding, surgical removal is essential.

A small cyst seldom demands treatment however the physician will want to monitor it to make certain it goes away. In a few cases, the physician will recommend birth control pills for one to two months to aid in shrinking the growth. For women who are vulnerable to cysts, continued use of birth control might prevent them from developing in the future.

A typical ruptured ovarian cyst will not require treatment but women going through extreme symptoms should see a licensed physician for diagnosis. They need to seek medical help if they have abrupt, serious pelvic pain accompanied by vomiting or a fever. Rapid breathing, weakness, dizziness and cold, clammy skin can be causes for concern and require quick medical attention.

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