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Travel Asia - Best Six Worth Seeing Spots To Visit In Asian Countries

Asia is a different place from the European locations. It has natural landscapes, sceneries, greenery, pure waters, mountain ranges, hills, canals and many other natural resources for the individuals who are living in this area of the world. Asia attracts to the travelers and international guests every time. Every year hundreds of thousands of people visit in Asia to see worth seeing attractions of this part of the world. There are several types of famous and spectacular locations to visit in Asia in 2012.

Hong Kong

This has subtropical environment conditions. Usually the weather is dry in Hong Kong. The typhoon season usually lasts from July to August. This area of the world has beautiful cultural variety, landscapes, hotels, restaurants, art galleries, museums and plenty of other worth seeing spots in travel asia .


This is the best location to visit in 2012 for the overseas people and tourists. Japan has several types of worthwhile and attention getting destinations such as Hokkaido, Buddha templates, museums, views, natural sceneries and much more. Besides that there are popular children and amusements parks in the state for the families in travel asia .


This is located at the Northern temperate area. It has best spring and autumn weathers for the tourists. The natural sights, deep blue skies in the mid of September/October and Early November, sand beaches and natural sceneries are the real assets of this country. Culture of this country is rich and different. The food styles of Korean people are really great, elegant and very simple. They eat healthy foods to keep their health fit. As far as the education and learning is concerned, there are schools, colleges and universities in Korea.


This has really cool wind and serene climate conditions. This is rich country in terms of its natural resources, minerals, pristine waters, sand beaches, natural sceneries and landscaping.


This Asian state has immaculate climate conditions. There are several historic landmarks in Philippines such as The Visayas, Samar, Mindanao, and Palawan islands. There are several kinds of picnic spots, hotels, amusement centers, cinemas and also playgrounds in Philippines.


Last, but not the least, India has been known as an excellent country due to its rich and different culture from all over the world. There are lots of breathtaking destinations in India. The India motels offer the visitors exemplary cuisines and excellent jasmine taste. There are lots of important art galleries, museums, temples, mosques and historical buildings in this area of the world to attract your attentions.

If you have an idea to travel asia in 2012, do not hesitate to visit in these lovely and breathtaking areas of Asia.

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