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Two Unknown Perils To Your Oral Health Which Your West Jordan Dentist Can Assist You To Stay Clear Of

When you go to the West Jordan dentist at Copper Ridge Dental, there are probably a myriad of services you have come to anticipate, from cleaning to the very best teeth whitening service accessible. But do you do your part to keep your teeth wholesome so that you won't ever need to ask for dental implants from your dental practitioner? Because the truth is, statistics have shown that more than 75% of Americans are suffering from some sort of periodontal ailment. You don't wish to leave out the measures that you could take to keep yourself out of the statistics and happy with a wonderful smile.

Here are a two things to learn about keeping your teeth pleased and healthy which several folks don't know, but that you will be grateful to employ:

- Sour news: And now we know the infamy of the sweets across the world and the reality that supposedly they are the worst enemy to your white teeth. But the fact is that your teeth could actually suffer worse damage simply from sour snacks and meals with low ph levels. The risk with bitter items is the citrus properties which actually eat away at the enamel and can cause shrinkage in your teeth. Should you be going to eat things which are acidic do it at a meal while you are consuming some other food items that will counter balance everything out. Also chewing xylitol gum could help to safeguard your teeth as well.

- Too much Fluoride: We have got fluoride in our drinking supply, and fluoride in our toothpaste, and we also have fluoride treatment options from the dental care hygienist when we go in for a cleaning. But too much fluoride can actually be harmful to the health of our teeth. It could cause a discoloration whilst kids' mouths are growing their adult teeth, which will be permanent. Most often this is not due to the water supply but rather from the amount of toothpaste which kids consume when they must not.

Stay away from these two detriments to dental health, and visit Copper Ridge Dental for more guidelines and ideas to care for your teeth.

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