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Typically Ten Atlantic Storms May Form During An Active Hurricane Season, And On The Average Five Will Impact The Caribbean

The reason that Caribbean has grown to become a very popular cruise destination throughout the year is not difficult to understand. Varied cultures are to be discovered in the islands of the Caribbean, and on the continents that surround it. They include French, Spanish, English, American, Dutch, Portuguese, and African societies, not to mention island cultures which have evolved over the centuries. The weather is warm and inviting year round. The beautiful beaches of the region are the best in the world, the jungles are an ecologist's dream, and pursuits for both the adventurous and the sedate are virtually limitless.

But what of the hazards posed by hurricanes? The season for these ferocious storms ranges from June 1st to November 30th. The storms pose a great danger for seafarers and land lovers trapped in their paths. Normally ten Atlantic storms may form during an active hurricane season, and on the average five will have consequences for the Caribbean. Each of these will affect the area for an average of three days. Since hurricane season endures for half a year, and five storms of three days duration will affect the region, for a total of fifteen days, you can expect the Caribbean to be affected nine percent of that time period each season. But keep in mind that there are no less than three cruise itineraries in the Caribbean. For that reason each itinerary can be expected to be impacted three percent of the time. Consequently whatever Caribbean cruise you select, there appears to be a 97% chance that it will not be affected by a hurricane.

If a route is in the path of a storm, the cruise industry's priority turns to protecting vessels, and the lives of their guests and staff members. Cruise ships are technological wonders, and their crews can use communications apparatus, and other electronics to follow the path of a tropical storm, and make judicious alterations to their routes to avoid its expected path. No risks are seen as acceptable, and ships are usually rerouted as necessary to evade the path of a storm totally. As a result, even in the event of sailing an itinerary affected by a hurricane, the likelihood that a cruise ship would actually remain in the path of a storm are negligible.

Having discounted the dangers posed to vessels by hurricane season, one should remember that late summer, and fall cruise fares are among the lowest of the year. That is so because as summer family vacations near an end, everyone is planning a return to their normal regimes, and thinking about holidays such as Thanksgiving and Christmas, and this results in a lesser number of passengers being expected to sail.

This cruise blog highly recommends that our visitors make the most of the awesome offers to choose from during this time period. Book a cruise. You will have the time of your life.

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