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We Cannot Read Your Mind

At Great Clips Great Southwest Center a Grand Prairie hair salon we frequently tell you all about how to keep your hair healthy, or how to get the look you are going for. We hope to help give you confidence from your own style as well as aid in the sometimes need for a whole new do whether it's a long haircut or a short girls haircut. The thing is you aren't going to be liberated until you finally know what you could expect from us as professional hair stylists and we get that. So as to help you know what life is really like for a professional stylist, and all those things we wish we could do for you but really can't, here's a great list of things which stylists wish you knew.

1. We cannot read your mind. No really we can't, so if you're saying you want a little bit off the length, what does that mean? An inch or two? Then say that mainly because we want you to get what you are looking for out of your haircut but if you don't get it you're going to blame us but again, we can't read your mind.

2. We are human so if you are going to unload all of your life issues on us try to hold it in, unless you've been coming to the same stylist for your whole life, that's different we'd love to be friends with you.

3. Respect the time of your stylist. This implies don't be late since you could throw off her entire day, and never miss an appointment without letting her know its going to happen. On top of that try not to be on your cell phone when sitting for a cut since moving around as you reach for your mobile phone will just make it more difficult to get the job done right.

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After all getting your hair trimmed regularly, at least a half inch every 4 to 8 weeks, at your favorite Great Clips hair salon Rockwall can have a great impact upon the health of your curls because it encourages your hair to become more tangle free.