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What To Be Clothed In To A Funeral

The current casual dress codes make it much harder to figure out what to wear on a funeral. The grieving dresses most acceptable are dark shades, usually black. Women of all ages should avoid donning heavy makeup. Just a bit of eye makeup is acceptable. High heel shoes have to be avoided, as these will be uncomfortable and will definitely get messy. Colors like Brown, Black, Dark Navy Blue and Grey are the suitable shades for this event.

The dress donned by the lady should not be unveiling or too tight, since this is not the place to be showing off your body or your most recent fashion buy. Several advise that the garments which one would wear to a very formal office meeting are the ones which one ought to choose to wear to a funeral.

If the woman chooses to put on a skirt, then the skirt must be below the knee and should wear a shirt that covers her elbows and shoes which are modest, like black pumps with a small heel or black flats. Men could put on black turtle-necks or even a black smart T-shirt under a jacket or blazer. The best way to attend a funeral is to ask the family members of the deceased in regards to what is the attire recommended by them in order that nobody misfires in choosing what to wear on a funeral

One could even call the church if the service is going to be held there and ask as to what is the recommended dress code. What to wear on a funeral is something that one must think about after knowing what kind of weather is existing at the place of funeral; it could be raining, a hot desert area or a humid sea side area. These few significant considerations also do help a lot while deciding how to dress for a very sensitive occasion such as a funeral.

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