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What You Can Do Regarding Your Hair Loss, And Info On The Problem

No man likes to be shedding his hair. Fortunately, there isn't just one type of receding hairline treatment but certainly many types. But not all hair loss cures are equal: some are excellent, some aren't so good and some are simply downright rip offs. In this article, I will tell you why you shed your hair and what you can do about it.

Why Me?

If you ask any man why they are bald and their friends may not be, you then will probably hear the phrase "genetics".

True, genetics is largely the reason for the differences, but it tells us zilch about why or how you start to lose your hair. And it additionally makes guys assume that there's nothing they can do about their problem besides wait to lose most of their hair and then finally "shave their head".

I even noticed a guy like that today who was only thirty years old however had already shaved his hair - his stubble revealed a "Friar Tuck" type baldness pattern. But it need not be this way.


It is all down to DHT. It's a hormonal byproduct that each man has in various amounts.

A number of guys have lots of DHT, right down to their genetics. Unfortunately, the more you have then the more likely you're to lose your hair and lose it early. That's because this substance denutrifies the hair follicles, mainly it starves them of the vitamins they need to produce sturdy and healthy hairs.

It happens on the front of the head which is why you get the common thinning hair.


The very best treatments are those that really address the malnutrition problem of the follicles.

Hair transplants do work however they rely on taking follicles from the back and side of the head. So ultimately, all of your hair is lost on the back and sides and you are simply left with hair at the front of your head! Just because you stroll out of the clinic with a smile on your face does not imply that you may be feeling the same way in ten years time!

To renutrify the follicles, there are a few ways. One is drugs but that is fraught with dangerous side effects. The other is natural supplements like saw palmetto, each are an ideal receding hairline treatment.

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