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Taking a Home Vacation

You would want to go on a romantic getaway vacation, do something special and be away from work and everything, so rather than go to a nearby country, which then has a lot of logistics and more stress, why not just do it in your home town?

No money for a romantic getaway vacation with your partner or a vacation treat for your family? Why not take a home vacation instead! Whether or not, the economic crisis has forced you to rethink your finances, you need to prudent with your spending. Most people would cut corners here, tweaked something there and many would find it hard to justify taking that long anticipated romantic getaway or family vacation. An occasional vacation is absolutely necessary for everybody. If you do not want to forgo your vacation, you would consider taking your vacation in your own home town – a home vacation.

Taking a home vacation will certainly cut back on the travelling expenses but it need not be any lesser enjoyable. All you have to do is to create the right atmosphere for an enjoyable vacation. While this seems difficult, it is actually easier than you may think. To start, you will need to decide what to do to actually feel as though you are on vacation.

In fact, more and more people are opting for a staycation - a romantic weekend getaway vacation in the local hotel. Staycations are getting more popular because they are convenient vacations with no hassle and minimal travelling time.

Start by Going into Vacation Mode

The moment we start planning for a vacation, we actually set our mind into a vacation mode. Even the planning and packing is fun. This is because we mentally start preparing ourselves to have a good time well in advance. So what if you are not going overseas for your vacation? A home vacation can be just as fun. Start thinking in terms of what fun you will have, how relaxing it will be, and all the things you won’t have to do because you are going on vacation. Once you get your mind into vacation mode, the rest will be easy.

Create The Vacation Environment. 

To help you to stay in the right mode and mood, you should create the feeling of being on vacation. The best way to create a vacation environment and experience is to plan the night or two away from home. This could be in a hotel or the local camping ground. Or any place that gives you a “feeling” of being on vacation. When you arrive at the hotel or wherever you are staying, take the time to mingle with the other guests, visit the gift shop and other facilities. Do all the stuff that you would do as a tourist when you visit other country or city.

Planning Your Home Vacation.

Just because you are going on a home vacation in your own home town does not mean that you do not have to plan your vacation properly. In fact, it is more important when vacationing at home that you plan your vacation carefully. Plan as you would if you were going to some new destination. Start planning by looking at your town with a different viewpoint. Treat it as not the place that you live, but as somewhere exciting that you are going to visit. Look at your town through the viewpoint of a stranger. What are the places of interest that you have never had the time or opportunity to visit? Are there any restaurants you have never tried or garden parks you have never visited? No matter how big or small your home town, there will be places that you have never been too. Why not decide to check out these places while on your home vacation.

Really Really Pamper Yourself

Vacations are all about relaxing so you should spend a day or two on serious self-pampering. While on your home vacation, go for a foot massage, a whole body massage, a facial, a manicure, or a pedicure. Whatever that you would enjoy. Or if you are not willing to spend the money, then create a do-it-yourself spa. Try drinking a glass of wine while immersed in a bubble bath. Better yet, rent a movie for the kids while you and your spouse take a bubble bath together. Light up a few candles, share a bottle of wine and just unwind. If romance is high on your vacation agenda then wait until the kids are in bed, then sneak out with your spouse for a midnight dip in the pool or just sit together to gaze at the stars. There is nothing that feels more like a vacation than a little holiday romance. The whole purpose of a home vacation is to relax, enjoy and experience new things. Be creative and you can do that just as easily around your hometown as you can anywhere around the world.