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How to Improve Your Sex Life

Is your sex life less than satisfying? Most couples experience a temporary lack of interest in their partner. This is common and can happen at any point during a relationship. If you have been feeling this way and do not feel like getting intimate, there may be unresolved issues that need to be addressed. Have a heart to heart talk with your partner about what you like about your relationship and what could be improved. 

If it is just a matter of being bored with routines, there are many ways to improve your sex life. First and most important of all, you must have a positive image of yourself. Small breast, big thighs, hairy body, lack of muscle tone or whatever it is that you are too self-conscious of, negative self-image make for a sure-fire short circuit in terms of your sex drive. When you are naked, stop filling your mind with negative thoughts about yourself and your body. Focus instead on what you love about yourself. It is not easy. One way is to negate the negative thoughts. Each time you have a negative thought about yourself, make up for it by having a positive one about what you like about your body. 

Being more confident about yourself, should allow you to “sexperiment.” How about a romantic dinner and a slow dance once a while?Alternate slow moves with quickies around the house. Go for a leisure romantic getaway vacation. Touch your partner in places you have not done before. Such frivolous foreplay builds up the sexual tension and fans the desire. 

It take some work, not just positive thoughts and foreplay. You will need to keep in shape. Staying healthy is good for your sex life. Rest well too. Lack of sleep is a common sex drive saboteur for both men and women. Men who sleep less than five hours a day have lower levels of testosterone, which leads to a lack of sex drive. Likewise, women with depleted energy due to a lack of sleep often have a lower libido. And one more thing. Drink alcohol in moderation. A few drinks can make you relaxed and in the mood. However, alcohol can affect a man's ability to get a firm erection. Alcohol breath can be a big turn off too.

So by following these simple tips, you can enhance your sex life. And of course, make time for a romantic getaway vacation once a while.