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Romantic Getaway Vacation to Iceland 

If you do not know Iceland, it is just a country with funny names for beautiful and romantic places. The beauty of this country must be enjoyed away from the cities. When you venture out of the city area, each mile reveals a landscape of postcard-perfect scenery. The absolute stillness and vastness of space when you venture into the countryside is breath-taking. It will surely make you pause and ponder about so many romantic things. Such is the beauty of Iceland.

Getting To Iceland

To reach Iceland if there is no direct flight from your locality, it is convenient to fly via Heathrow to Keflavik. Keflavik is the Capital of Iceland. If you prefer a quieter town, you can opt to stay at Hofn, a fishing town in the South-east. From there, you can drive westward to the Vatnajokull, the largest glacier in Europe. You can find lodging at Hali, guesthouse near the foot of the immense Vatnajokull glacier. Visit Iceland in the winter for the best chance of seeing the Northern Lights or Aurora borealis. For the best viewing of the Northern Lights, choose a moonless and cloudless night, venture away from the city with its bright lights and traffic. Remember to wear warm clothing when venturing out in the country, especially at night. Enjoy the romantic display of luminous red and green lights dancing in the sky, above the towering snow-capped mountains, punctuated by the occasional streaking meteor. If you are hiking in the countryside, do wear waterproof clothing and sturdy shoes. The weather can swiftly switch from sunny to rain to snow in a matter of minutes.

The Unlikely Place for a Romantic Getaway Vacation

Surprisingly, Iceland is a great idea for a romantic getaway vacation. The icy-cold night is great for snuggling up with your partner in a warm bed or in front of a crackling wood fire.

Iceland is perhaps best appreciated by driving around the vast countryside. When driving long distance, carry food and drinks as the towns are few and far in between. During the off-peak seasons, there are few services for tourists too, especially in the more isolated North. Get your vehicle fitted with the appropriate tyres for the season. The roads in winter can be very dangerous. Strong winds can easily veer a vehicle off the road. Make sure you have a spare tyre and car jack in the car. If you will be venturing off-road, do rent a 4x4 vehicle and get yourself covered with comprehensive insurance.

Plan your trip in advantage if you are driving. You can find lodging at Bed and Breakfast inns or motels at prices ranging from 6000ISK to 15000ISK. More often than not, you will find yourself eating roadhouses or petrol stations with an adjacent restaurant, especially during the off-peak season. The food can be surprisingly good though. You can feast on fresh grilled lamb and fish.

The endless scenes of glaciers, fjords and ice fields of Iceland will leave indelible images in your mind. It is indeed a great destination for a romantic getaway vacation.