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Romantic Destinations in Europe 

Europe is such a romantic destination for a getaway vacation, whether it is just for the weekend or for a week-long cruise.  Ask for ideas about where to go for the perfect romantic getaway vacation and most people would think of Paris in France.  Paris is certainly a romantic place with its nice little cafe and restaurants. The ambiance of the city is both sensual and mysterious. Of course, there is much more to Europe. 

Venice of Italy also come to mind as a great place for a romantic getaway vacation. Venice is a picturesque and quaint city.  Venice is a good place to bring a date for a romantic getaway. Food here is great and there are many delightful little restaurants where you can have a quiet meal with your romantic partner. Venice is typical of many old cities in Europe with centuries of history behind the fantastic sights.  However, what set Venice apart from the rest is that there are no cars in the city.  Simply because there are no roads in Venice.  Transport is on graceful gondolas knifing through the many canals that criss-cross the city.  Imagine staying in an ancient palazzo and dining in a lively trattatoria or cobbled piazzas, shop for antiques, jewelleries and Murano Glass in beautiful boutiques. It is a beautiful and elegant city. Take your time to wander around the sleepy backstreets and you may stumble upon old churches where centuries old paintings by the great Italian masters, casually adorn the walls.

Elsewhere in Italy, be amazed by Rome with its majestic Colosseum, Spanish Steps, and the Sistine Chapel. Florence is known for its fantastic art museums, ancient palaces, and great atmosphere. For the ultimate in Italian romance, you could visit the Isle of Capri by boat from Sorrento, and eat Gelato looking out towards the Neoplolitan coastline.

In the French countryside there are fabulous little towns such as Gourdoun in the Dordogne region, or Annecy in the Alps.

In the United Kingdom, Edinburgh is both interesting and fun to visit. You can choose to see the countryside at a leisurely pace from the deck of a canal boat. Over in Ireland, you can explore the country in a horse drawn cart, trotting through the winding shady lanes of the Emerald Island.

The castles of Wales and Germany with their towers, turrets and imposing walls are reminiscent of fairy tale land with beautiful princesses and handsome princes. Europe also has quaint medieval lakeside villages, like Bellagio of the northern Italian lakes. It is a pleasure to wander through the villages in the evening, smelling the wafting scent of flower.

Prague is a veritable contender to replace Paris as the number one romantic city. Check out the twilight market in the Old Town Square and walk the steps up through the vineyard to the magnificent castle and the ancient Charles Bridge swarming with lively musicians and art sellers. It is nature of many towns and villages in Europe that make them 'romantic'.

Cruise vacations in the Mediterranean Sea is also an absolute treat. It is no wonder that many people choose to go for a cruise for their romantic getaway vacations.

Europe is full of history with wondrous sights and sounds that will intoxicate all the senses. Plan a visit to Europe and enjoy the romance.