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Ideas For Romantic Getaway Vacation - Chiang Mai, Thailand

Map of Chiang Mai Old City
We visited  the romantic city of Chiang Mai for another getaway vacation recently. Chiang Mai is the second largest city in Thailand after Bangkok. However, Chiang Mai has a laid back quality about it that makes it more intimate and romantic.
We arrived late on 4 Dec. The next day, 5 Dec is the King's birthday. It is a public holiday but the city seems to be bustling as usual. We spend the day explore the Warorot Market where a wide range of goods can be found. Had lunch at the Riverside restaurant where the food is good and the price reasonable.

We made booking for a day trip the next day, to the outskirt with T Travel Agency. A travel agency we discovered while roaming around the old city. We had a good experience with travel agency the last time around so we look up the same place again. Paid 700Bt for a half day programme from 9am to 3pm. We went for ride on an elephant, watch a show by some pretty talented elephants. We also went for a ox-cart ride and a cruise down the lazy river on a filmsy bamboo raft. It is a fun way to spend the day.


At nightfall, we hit the Warm Up Cafe on Nimmanhaemin Road. It seems well warmed up when we reached there. There is a large lounge area where young people mingled and played pool or snooker. Walk all the way in and you will find the 'dance area'. Here a band performed Thai songs alternating with pop music belted out by DJ. There is hardly enough room to stand so the crowd dance where ever they are standing. Too bad it closed early at 2 am.


With time to spare on the third day, we visited Chiang Mai zoo on the third day. The Chiang
Mai Zoo is set amidst the sprawling hills. It is like a bigger version of the fantastic Singapore Zoo except that it is too big to explore by walk. There is a tram that circle the outer ring road
while a monorail plys a smaller circle within the zoo. However, one would still to hike up and down steep slopes. It is exhausting and perhaps, not a good activities for a romantic getaway vacation. We were only there to visit the 3 Giant Pandas. Should have waited for the Giant Pandas to come to the Singapore Zoo in 2012. Both Chiang Mai zoo and Singapore Zoo have a similar open concept but Singapore Zoo is more compact. So Singapore Zoo is more fun to explore by foot.
Contributed by Machy