Great Ideas For Romantic Weekend Getaway Vacation
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Experience the Charm of Boston for Your Next Romantic Weekend getaway

Boston is an ideal vacation destination for a romantic weekend getaway. Boston is rich in history and it is best explored by foot. You get to enjoy the views of the historic buildings by walking along the streets. You will never get tire of the historic atmosphere of days gone by. This fascinating city has so much to offer in term of culture, dining, shopping, and history. Take your time and discover Boston neighbourhood by neighbourhood on foot over a lazy weekend. 

A walk through the north part of Boston will retrace the steps of the early immigrants who lived in this area. These early immigrants were mainly Italian and this neighbourhood still has many Italian influences as seen in the restaurants, caf├ęs and shops. Many of the locals speak Italian. Such is the atmosphere and ambiance that you will think you are in Italy.

If you enjoy taking in the sea breezes, go on a harbour cruise.  The Boston Harbour Cruises offers pleasant short cruises, just perfect for a quiet moment while on a romantic getaway vacation. Set aside some time for watching the sun set and the city lights coming on over the bay.