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Istanbul, A Great Idea for a Romantic Getaway Vacation

Istanbul is a good place for a romantic getaway vacation to Turkey. Istanbul is the largest city in Turkey and yet it is a great place for an exclusive romantic getaway vacation. It is a breathtaking capital city in a truly fascinating country. Wherever you go, the place is bustling with people and activities amid the an atmosphere of spice, soap or leather and fish or tea and aubergine. Istanbul is truly at the crossroad between East and West. It sits between two continents, Europe and Asia. So it is an intriguing city with a mix of East and West culture.

Turkish Delights

There is never a dull moment in Istanbul, which is both mesmerising and quirky. Istanbul has a very interesting heritage. It was once the capital of the Roman, Byzantine, Latin and Ottoman Empires. So there are many majestic churches, mosques and palaces. Dancing and music are a part of life in Turkey and more so it Istanbul. You are likely to see people dancing and singing in the streets. Life is certainly colourful in Istanbul.

The best time to go for your romantic getaway vacation to Istanbul is during spring from April to May. You can look forward to cool romantic walks in the city. At 20 to 25 degree Celsius, it is not too cold for a romantic picnic in the park or a leisurely Bosporus cruise.

What to Prepare For Your Romantic Getaway Vacation In Istanbul

If you are exploring the city by foot, be prepared with a pair of good comfortable walking shoes as the pavements can be uneven and have potholes. It is also useful to learn some simple Turkish phrases as most people in Turkey do not speak English.

Not all currencies are accepted in Turkey. However, US dollars, Euros and the British pounds are widely accepted at the money changers here.

Where to Go In Istanbul

If you are looking to party the night away, try the Reina at Muallim Naci Avenue No 44 Ortakoy. The Reina is a world-class club, with a number of restaurants and bars. This posh club near the Bosphorus Bridge has a great sea view and attracts a chic clientele of the rich and famous.

Or head down to Suada Club for a cocktail while admiring a panoramic view of the sea.

The Beyoglu is another great place to chill out. This is the arts and entertainment district on the European side of Istanbul. It has many cafes, bars, shops and restaurants.

The Hidrellez Spring Festival falls on May 5 and 6. It is believe that any wishes made that night will come true. So join in the fun with your partner at the Ahirkapi Park. Write your wish and stick it to the wishing tree, the Nahil. Or just relax and hang out with the dancing crowd.

Whatever is your preference, you are sure to find something delightful to do in your romantic getaway vacation to Istanbul, Turkey.