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Sleepless In Romantic Seattle, the Perfect Romantic Getaway Destination

Seattle is well known as the birth place of Starbucks and Boeing Aircraft. But there is more to Seattle than just coffee and Bill Gate (he has a sprawling 66,000sq Ft. house beside the Lake Washington). It is one of the most romantic places with lush greenery and snowy mountains. Nature is so close that even in the city, you will feel the awe and wonder of being so small in the bigger scheme of things.

Just two and a half hour drive away is the Olympic National Park. This is a perfect place for a romantic getaway in the nature. The environments range from snow-capped mountains to lush sub-alpine forests to coastal beaches. It is a great place to be alone with your loved one.

Or check out the majestic volcano at the Mount Rainier National Park. If you prefer a romance in the snow, then it is Paradise for you. On the south slope of Mount Rainier is a place called Paradise which is perfect for winter sports with its heavy snowfall.

There is something for everybody. If it is romantic city life for you, then you will not be disappointed with the many things to do here. Eat fresh seafood to your heart content and chill out at Belltown at one of the swanky bars. Check out Bathtub Gin (2205 2nd Ave), a cool little speakeasy. Speakeasys were dodgy pubs selling illegal alcohol in the 1920s when alcohols were banned. The modern speakeasys are cool places to hang out for a drink. Yes, there is a bathtub in Bathtub Gin! Another great place for a party if Zig Zag Cafe (1501 Western Ave). It was named the top cocktail bar in America by GQ magazine in Oct 2010.

You can visit the amazing Space Needle for a great view of the surrounding mountains. Why not have a romantic dinner in the rotating restaurant while you are there. For a colourful and vibrant place for a leisurely stroll, check out Pikes Place Market where you can sample some of the wonderful foods from the Pacific Northwest. Or head to the waterfront area of Seattle. This is a great place for lunch or dinner while watching the ferries come and go.

When you have had enough of the city sight, there are many National Parks that are suitable for a great day trips. Head to Mount Rainier National Park or to Olympic National Park across Puget Sound for some of the most amazing scenery to be seen anywhere.

A great place for a romantic getaway is the San Juan Islands. It is an hour by ferry to the North of Seattle. This group of islands is residence to Orca whales and Bald Eagles and is a great place for a romantic long weekend.

Wherever you go in Seattle, you can be assured of a great romantic getaway. You may want to plan your romantic getaway during one of the many festivals such as the month-long Sea fair which feature races by hydroplanes and tugboats. Or get your pulse racing with a show by the Blue Angels, the US Navy's aerobatic team. The main thing to bear in mind is to plan for a romantic time out with your loved one. At the end of all the partying, set aside time for quiet moments to reconnect with one another. There is no better place to do than in the great outdoors. That is why Seattle is one of the most romantic place for a getaway in the USA.