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Romantic Winter Getaway to Germany

Germany is a good place to go for a romantic winter getaway vacation, especially during Christmas time. Come Christmas season, Germany is magically transformed into a romantic wonderland with Christmas markets springing up all over the country. It is just the atmosphere to get you into a romantic mood which is not spoiled by the commercialism of Christmas shopping. Such is the magic of Germany's Christmas markets.

One things that many Christmas markets in Germany have in common is the beautiful and romantic backdrop. In Cologne, wooden stalls are set up around the city's impressive Gothic cathedral while Regensburg's Christmas markets are set up around the beautiful 500-year-old Neupfarrkirche and the old city wall. The Regensburg has an especially romantic Christmas market as it is set up in the grounds of the Thurn and Taxis Castle.

The Christmas markets have unique specialities for each region. In Hamburg, it is sugar delight with Schmalzkuchen, while in Dresden, it is the taste of the German fruitcake, Stollen. Nuremberg, the home of the famous Chriskindlmarkt, offers snacks of bratwurst in bread bun. All the Christmas markets offer the unique experience of Christmas shopping in a romantic setting. The combination of romantic old buildings and Christmas lightings, mixed with some narrow alleyways, hidden passageways and ancient courtyards.

Berlin is fast gaining a reputation as the premier European city for a romantic getaway vacation with its rich heritage and landmarks dating back to the Roman. The deep winter month of January is a great time to visit for a peaceful winter getaway as it is the off-peak tourist season.

Germany is indeed a great Christmas wonderland for a romantic winter getaway vacation.