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Sexiest Beaches in South East Asia 

Fancy a romantic getaway vacation to a sexy beach? What can be more romantic than getaway vacation to a nudist beach with your love one? That is, if you are not at all inhibited.

Where are the sexiest beaches in South East Asia? There are not many nudist beaches in the region. If you are keen, ahem to flaunt your wares, or if you are just looking for the sexiest beaches to chill out, here are some places you can check out for your next romantic getaway vacation.

One of the few beaches that you can legally go nude is Boayan Island in the Philippines Palawan province. The Palawan is well known for her unspoiled natural beauty. It is just the place for a romantic getaway vacation.

Arambol Beach, to the North of Goa, India is another good place to go for your romantic getaway vacation. There are actually two nude beaches here, the larger and more frequent being Harmal. The smaller nude beach is more exclusive as it can only be reached by foot. As with all nude beaches, the sea views are breath-taking. The other views depend on the individual's taste. Nude beach, after all, is not for everybody.

Although it is not entirely natural, the beaches on Sentosa Island, Singapore are pretty cool - all 3.2 kilometres of it. There are actually beaches here - Tanjong, Palawan and Siloso. Each has unique character. To join in with the fun crowd, go to Siloso Beach. A good place to hang out for drinks is the Azzura Beach Club. For romantic night stroll, go to  Tanjong Beach. Palawan is more for family fun.

If you want some privacy, head down to Bintan Island, Riau Islands, Indonesia. The Trikora beach, on Bintan Island is not exactly a nude beach and it is not legal there. However, there is hardly another soul around on the east coast of the island. So it is a great place to go topless during your romantic getaway vacation, if you are so inclined. It is a 90-minute car journey from the ferry terminal, so it is less crowded than other beaches on Bintan Island.