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What to Do In Las Vegas 

Las Vegas is a great place for a weekend romantic getaway vacation or a fun family vacation. It is more than just a casino strip. There is something for everybody, the lone backpackers, lovers and families with kids.

Free Shows and Attractions in Las Vegas 

For a start, let's take a look at the free stuff. Yes, Las Vegas can be enjoyed for free! There are many free shows and attractions to keep you entertained for a weekend.

If you are looking for a thrilling adventure but yet do not want to work up a sweat, go catch the Treasure Island Pirate Show. The best thing is that it is free for viewing. This must be among the finest Las Vegas free shows. You are treated to an 18 minute swashbuckling adventure show with sword duels, explosions and fireworks. Throw in handsome singing men and sultry dancing women, and you get great entertainment. The Treasure Island Pirate Show is absolutely free and is available every night at the Las Vegas Treasure Island Hotel.

Visit the MGM Grand Lion Habitat in the heart of the Las Vegas Strip. You get to watch these majestic big cats in surroundings that closely resemble their natural habitat, with waterfalls and lush greenery. The MGM Grand Lion Habitat is free to visit and it will be a treat for the children.

Las Vegas's Bellagio Fountains are one of the best of Las Vegas attractions. The best thing is that they are free for you to enjoy. The Bellagio Fountains are centred on an artificial lake in front of the Las Vegas Bellagio Hotel. The Bellagio Fountains are simply mesmerizing. They are even more so when they are used as the stage for dazzling laser and musical fountain shows. If you have no idea what to do in Las Vegas, head for the Bellagio Hotel to view the amazing Bellagio Fountain shows.

During the day, the Conservatory at Bellagio is also among the best free things to do in Las Vegas. It will definitely be the best horticultural experience you will ever see. At the Conservatory, you will marvel at the whimsical arrangements created from greeneries and flowers.

The Fremont Street is an integral part of the Las Vegas experience. You simply must visit to understand. In Fremont Street, you can sample cool treats like chocolate covered hot dogs. Even late at night, you will be able to watch one of the highly reviewed LED lights and music shows projected on several huge screens overhead.


Family Fun in Las Vegas

Las Vegas has a lot more to offer than just casinos. It is a great place for a family vacation too. The Cirque du Soleil must be everybody's to do and see list in Las Vegas, especially families with the kids. Cirque du Soleil presents several shows with themes ranging from plain funny to the mysterious. Shows like Love, Mystere and Zumanity are just some of many Cirque du Soleil shows playing in Las Vegas.

A visit to the Las Vegas Madame Tussauds Wax Museum is also great family fun. This is one of seven locations in the world that holds real size replicas of celebrities, famous musicians, sportsmen and historical figures. Families with older kids show check out CSI: The Experience. This is an interactive experience where you become a CSI detective. It is great fun for children as they gather evidence from presented materials and deduce the truth from clues to solve one of three murder mysteries


Las Vegas for the Romantic Couples

If you are on a romantic weekend getaway to Las Vegas, a visit to the Vegas Eiffel Tower is an experience you should not be missed. There must be a reason why it has been consistently rated the most romantic things to do in Las Vegas. The Vegas Eiffel Tower is the site of many marriage proposals. Such is the romantic ambience of the replica of Paris's famous Eiffel Tower. For the best romantic experience, climb up to the observation deck at night or just before dusk. The observation deck is on the 50th floor of the Vegas Eiffel Tower. Here you can marvel at the bright lights of the Las Vegas strip or savour a hug and the moment with your sweetheart.

For the romantic couples with more time on their hand, consider a Las Vegas Helicopter Tours for the best views of the Las Vegas Strip and nearby attractions like the Hoover Dam and Grand Canyon. The Hoover Dam on the mighty Colorado River is located close to downtown Vegas. You can easily make a day trip to learn about this engineering marvel of a power plant. If you like the outdoors, take a hike at Lake Mead, the world’s biggest man-made lake. Camp overnight to fish, go boating or just to enjoy the stars in the middle of the Nevada desert. Las Vegas is indeed a great place for both family fun or a romantic weekend getaway vacation for lovers.